Nov 29, 2013

The MongoDB Ecosystem: Energy, Commitment and Passion

Our American friends are celebrating thanksgiving and, even if I'm not, I'd like to spend a few lines to say thank you to the amazing MongoDB ecosystem.

November has been a great month. This week we've been invited by Xpand-it to a great event in Lisbon and by Jaspersoft to their JasperDirections conference in Milan. SPP42 recently hosted a MongoDB conference in Ankara and we're platinum sponsors at Codemotion Milan with Byte-code. We've also co-sponsored a Big Data conference in Israel with Trainologic.
Partners are reaching out to us with greenfield opportunities and making MongoDB the core of their business.

This is what happens each and every month when you have such great allies!

We perceive your energy, commitment and passion and rest assured that we're here to support you. To that end, we've launched the project referral form. Do you want to work with a MongoDB expert to help your customers adopt our technology? Fill the questionnaire appropriately and we'll cooperate with you on the opportunity.

Let's go and conquer the market together!

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