Nov 15, 2014

Single View of Customer with MongoDB -- Capgemini's Perspective

There's been many presentations and articles on why it makes sense to use MongoDB for Single View of the Customer.

Customers like Metlife widely adopted our technology and built applications never possible before (Read: Built in record time, the MetLife Wall knocks down barriers to great customer service). At MongoDB we believe this is a transformative use case and have spent a considerable amount time to explain the reasons why our technology should underpin such projects (Read: Single View use cases on

Last week, at MongoDB London, I've seen one of the best presentations on the topic. Rob Hill, Head of Big Data for Financial Services at Capgemini, discussed the topic in details from a business and technical point of view. Value of the technology was also shown in the context of an internal Single View system currently being developed. Rob's domain knowledge is outstanding and having him at MongoDB London was a great privilege. Thanks!

Lecture starts with an overview of traditional architectures, then goes through the key challenges for SCV, why Big Data makes things even worse and then highlights why MongoDB is such a natural fit. Slides below are self-explanatory, but let me quote a few key passages.

The business reasons to start your projects today:
  • A customer data flaw in a demand forecasting system cost a major US airline $50 million in one year of operation…on top of the $40 million development cost to implement it
  • When a global stationary retailer examined their views of a customer, it was found that every real customer had roughly 2.5 “virtual” customer records across 75 source data systems.  Resulting cost was estimated as a net loss of 9% per customer transaction
Why should you use MongoDB as a platform:
  • It solves many problems associated with existing RDBMS-based SVC solutions, especially in the areas of: Speed of Access, Speed of Comparison, Representation Flexibility, Data Flexibility and Reliability
  • MongoDB provides a demonstrably lower Total Cost of Ownership than previous generation SVC solutions
Want to know more? Reach out to me or Rob directly or to your contacts at MongoDB. 

See the full deck on slideshare:

Jul 25, 2014

MongoDB Partner News and Benefits for the Ecosystem

Every organization needs an healthy ecosystem to succeed. At MongoDB we are pretty serious on partnering and we've invested in building our network and enabling our partners and customers to be successful. We've been constantly growing and we now have more than 600 companies working with us to change the database landscape forever.

This week's announcements prove how serious we are:
I see our ecosystem not just growing, but maturing as partners and clients are willing to build more and more solutions with MongoDB. Our partner program is maturing with them.
We've started our partner journey by hiring selected partners with whom we've built a trustful relationship and they've grown with us. We've then launched the first version of the partner program that served to pave the way to scale the quantity of partners and they joined. Later on we've introduced benefits and requirements to improve quality and partners stepped up their knowledge. 

In this latest iteration we've launched a comprehensive set of benefits to increase the productivity of our ecosystem. We've introduces many things, but I'm particularly excited of the Technology and Service Certification Program and the Partner Development Subscription.

  • Technology Certification allows partners to reach out to the largest community in big data. Our community is massive with over 8 millions downloads (and counting) and hundreds of thousands of deployments at scale. Each of them needs to work with proven technologies. Enterprises want to reduce risk and need to have fully supported solutions. Clients want to be reassured that integrations have been made according to best practices and tested. Certify your solution!
  • Services Certification means being different. The world out there is competitive and customers struggle to find good partners to build, integrate and manage their solutions. Being certified proves that your delivery team knows the technology inside out.  Get certified!
  • Partner Development Subscription reduces risks, improves time to market and helps launch new solutions. We've launched this special offering to assist partners in building, testing, and optimizing their integration or solutions offerings on an unlimited number of servers. Partners get access to a Market Development Fund that can be used in co-marketing your MongoDB-based solution. Learn more.
Facebook posted on their walls the phrase "this journey is one percent finished". We want to build the largest and most productive ecosystem in the software world and our journey has just begun.