Jan 13, 2010

14/Jan/2010 - Web Based Collaborative Content Management with Alfresco and MySQL

Join us for this informative Italian technical webinar with Gabriele Columbro at Alfresco Software and me at MySQL.
We will explore the benefits of an open source Collaborative Content Management stack based on Alfresco and MySQL.

This webinar describes how Alfresco Share offers a great experience for team collaboration and will detail use case examples of organisation who have adopted Alfresco Share as a collaboration platform for coordinating with distributed teams, clients and business partners.

Alfresco delivers the collaborative features of SharePoint but runs on an open source stack and comes embedded MySQL as the default database. MySQL is the world's most popular open source database at the heart of many Enterprise Content Management solutions.

The presentation will be approximately 45 minutes long followed by Q&A. Register here.

Jan 3, 2010

A New App Store for Business Applications

One of the best things that I've enjoyed when I've bought an iPhone is the colossal amount of applications available on the App Store. From there I can download as many apps as I like: dictionaries, yellow pages, navigation software, games or anything else.

I was surprised to know that a former colleague decided to apply the same successful approach to business applications. I can clearly see the need for a similar portal, since anytime I look for a potential solution to suite my customers needs I have to search in many places.

Part of Sun Startup Essentials and fully running on MySQL, GetApp.Com is the site that you should take a look at if you are starting a project or searching for a specific solution.
Featuring over 2270 applications listed in more that 300 categories I doubt that you won't be able to find what you are looking for.

Congratulations for the idea!