Oct 8, 2013

An Ecosystem Always Wins -- Lessons Learned from Red Hat and Pentaho Partner Conferences

Last week was intense and productive. I've had the pleasure to attend the Red Hat Partner Conference in Madrid and to speak at the Pentaho Partner Summit in Sintra. I've learned a lot of lessons, but the most important one is that an ecosystem always wins.

The world of technology is built on interactions. Interactions between customers and partners. Synergies amongst different species of partners. Even competitors are interacting with each other and the term "coopetition" has been coined to explain new and complex relationships.
The very foundation of IT is intercommunication. Systems Integrators are connecting disparate sources. Technology companies are investing in certification and integrated systems to make it easier for tools to cooperate. Cloud vendors are promising to hide the complexity behind and simplify how we interact with solutions. Channel partners are integrating different products as part of their portfolio to simplify provisioning.

I'm convinced that to win in the long run we need to build the greatest and most productive ecosystem ever. It should be easy and rewarding to do business with us. Each and every MongoDB partner we onboard should share our vision and be part of a global community. Customers working with our ecosystem should feel the difference. Ultimately, these alliances will contribute to our bottom line and make a difference.

Want to partner with MongoDB? Join our network! ... as the Red Hat guys would say: we're stronger together!

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