Dec 29, 2011

2011, A great year for MySQL in review...

I see so many posts on what happened to company X, product Y and dream Z that I couldn't resist the temptation to summarize this great year for MySQL. At the end of 2010, Oracle did an announcement we were all waiting for: MySQL 5.5 is GA! Another year has passed since then and it's time to reflect on what has been done.

I know this is a long post. I tried to rewrite it at least 10 times to make it shorter, but I couldn't condense the list. Hence, I wrote a summary in the beginning for those who don't want to read it all.

I believe that 2011 was an exceptional year for MySQL and I really enjoy being part of this team. I wish all of us a lot of success and fun in the years to come!

Oracle released many MySQL 5.6 and MySQL Cluster 7.2 DMRs accompanied by new versions of MySQL Enterprise Monitor, MySQL Enterprise BackupMySQL Workbench (and utilities), MySQL Proxy, MySQL Cluster Manager and Connectors.

The MySQL team unveiled new products like the MySQL Installer for Windows and Oracle VM Templates for MySQL. Besides, the MySQL Enterprise offering has been enriched with new commercial extensions. MySQL can now be leveraged as one of the Oracle data management solutions with new certifications and the integration with My Oracle Support increased the business value of customers' investment on Oracle technologies.

Additionally MySQL presented at major events across the world and won a few awards.

Long List:
If you're still reading, below you can find an hopefully-extensive list of announcements and blogs (in reverse chronological order). I've mainly covered product releases, events and awards. Please let me know if I missed something.

Dec 26 - MySQL Workbench 5.2.37 Has Been Released
Dec 20 - MySQL 5.6.4 Development Milestone Now Available!
Dec 02 - MySQL Enterprise Monitor 2.3.8 is now GA!
Nov 28 - MySQL 5.5.18 Debian packaging now available
Oct 10 - New MySQL Enterprise Oracle Certifications
Oct 10 - MySQL Utilities 1.0.3
Oct 07 - MySQL Cluster 7.2 (DMR2): NoSQL, Key/Value, Memcached
Oct 03 - More Early Access Features in the MySQL 5.6.3 Development Milestone!
Oct 03 - New Development Milestone Releases & Certifications!
Sep 15 - New Commercial Extensions for MySQL Enterprise Editions
Sep 09 - MySQL@Oracle OpenWorld
Sep 06 - Oracle Enhances MySQL Installer and High Availability for Windows
Sep 06 - Oracle Enhances MySQL Manageability on Windows
Aug 19 - MySQL Proxy 0.8.2 Has Been Released
Aug 01 - More New MySQL 5.6 Early Access Features
Jul 19 - MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.6 - New backup streaming, integration with Oracle Secure Backup and other common backup media solutions
Jul 18 - Simpler and Safer Clustering: MySQL Cluster Manager Update
Jul 06 - Announced Oracle VM Templates for MySQL
Apr 12 - MySQL Cluster 7.2 Development Milestone Release - NoSQL with Memcached and 20x Higher JOIN Performance
Apr 11 - Top Features in MySQL 5.6.2 Development Milestone Release
Apr 11 - Introducing the MySQL Installer for Windows
Mar 15 - Oracle Enhances MySQL Enterprise Edition

Oct 26 - A lot of MySQL Events in Europe
Oct 12 - MySQL Roadshow in Germany
Sep 16 - OTN MySQL Developer Day in London
Aug 08 - OTN Developer Day: MySQL is Coming to Washington, DC
Jul 14 - New “Meet The MySQL Experts” Podcast Series
May 13 - Upcoming MySQL Events in Europe
Apr 26 - OTN Developer Day for MySQL - Santa Clara, CA
Mar 25 - MySQL (and Cluster) at Collaborate and O'Reilly MySQL Conference
Mar 14 - First Ever MySQL on Windows Online Forum - March 16, 2011

Dec 15 - MySQL Wins Best Open Source Product of 2011 Award
Jun 03 - MySQL Wins the php|architect Impact Award for Data Management
Jan 17 - MySQL Makes the Cover of Oracle Magazine

To all MySQL customers, partners, colleagues, developers, users, advocates or aficionados: Thank you for this terrific year! Go MySQL!


hingo said...

Hi Luca

You're right that 2011 was a very good year for MySQL. But imo your list doesn't even fully capture that as you seem to just focus on MySQL that is produced by Oracle. The progress of the full MySQL ecosystem was even much larger than what you list here - and that diversity is what is really great to me. (But in case your intention was to specifically celebrate achievements of the Oracle team, I appreciate that too, so I will not spoil the spirit by listing any non-Oracle things here.)

Focusing on Oracle, I think what has been really nice to see have been all the new events that introduce MySQL technology to a completely new audience that MySQL didn't reach before. Like the OTN days, etc. In some ways I appreciate this conquering of new territory even more than any code that was produced.


Sergio de la Cruz said...

It has certainly been a great year for the MySQL family. If we just look at MySQL Workbench, six new releases went out this year: 5.2.32 and 5.2.33 in March, 5.2.34 in May, 5.2.35 in September and 5.2.36 and 5.2.37 in December.

Unknown said...

@Sergio - thanks! I haven't fully represented all the releases made by the Workbench team!

@Henrik - I wanted to capture the gist of what the MySQL team at Oracle delivered and to express my gratitude to this exceptional group. You're right - Oracle is doing great things, conquering new territories and the entire ecosystem is thriving. Thanks!

Baron said...

I agree, Oracle has done great things with MySQL in the past year. I wish they would participate even more in conferences though :)

Unknown said...

@Baron - yes... we've participated to many conferences, but can always improve! ;)