Apr 29, 2013

From Oracle to 10gen, The MongoDB Company

Those who are familiar with me know I've a dream.

5 years ago I decided to leave a systems integrator where I was doing great. Why? I wanted to be in a company with the same growth prospects that Oracle had in the 80s. I dreamed to be in the Oracle of 30 years ago and, as time travel wasn't affordable, I decided to join MySQL AB to help expand the business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
A few years later my dream came true, but in a slightly different sense. Sun acquired MySQL and was later swallowed by Oracle giving me the opportunity to join the company I wished I could have helped build.

Oracle is an amazing company and the MySQL family is full of energy and passion. The product is much better now and the opportunities are even more. MySQL is a dream that I've proudly been part of, but I decided to move on to a new adventure to keep the energy, commitment and passion that are part of me. That's why I decided to leave Oracle.

I've joined an outstanding company, with a leading solution and huge growth prospects. A company that could become the size of Oracle in less than 30 years. I'll be working with a product sitting at the intersection of Cloud, Mobile and Big Data. A document database that will shape the technology landscape in the years to come.

With an attractive partner program and a shiny new version of MongoDB just launched, it's the right time for me to join 10gen. I've accepted the exciting challenge of building the ecosystem and work with software, hardware, cloud, services and channel partners to make MongoDB the de-facto standard NoSQL database.

Interested in a partnership with 10gen? Let's talk! Reach out to me via LinkedIn or firstname.lastname at 10gen.com. ;)

My new dream starts today, and today is the time to say Thank You! to all friends, colleagues, customers and users who made the MySQL journey a great one. I look forward to working with all of you again in the future.

All the best!

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Matty said...

Very exciting times - good luck on your new journey