Nov 21, 2009

18/Nov/2009 - The Open Source Data Warehouse Revolution

On the 18th of November we've hold in Milan an event focused on Open Source Data Warehousing.

For many organizations, data warehouses are simply too costly to buy, too costly to implement and too costly to maintain. Data warehousing is still a luxury of deep-pocketed organizations, although the resulting benefits can be virtually reaped by companies of all sizes.
Open Source Software is changing the rules again, lowering the economic barriers to undertake Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing projects.

During the event we proved that MySQL can help organizations to achieve higher ROI on their projects. With the support of our partners, Infobright and Talend, we showed how to design, deploy and manage a multi-terabyte Data Warehouse with Open Source Software.

Participants have shown a lot of interest in MySQL, Infobright and Talend. More informations can be found here:

We hope to host similar events in the future. Thanks to all participants!

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Martin E said...

Another type of open source is business intelligence software and solutions.

Of course, open source doesn't equate to "free", it always needs (substantial) development to customize for a company's particular business processes!

Here is a great article that discusses open source BI.