Sep 15, 2009

Sorry for the old posts...

Hi All,

I was moving some old posts and although I've changed the date you will see a lot of them.
Sorry for flooding Planet MySQL.



Shlomi Noach said...


Something similar happened to me. You can still fix it, and planetmysql will retroactively fix it as well. For the next few hours, if you make changes to dates in your blog, you can push them down the timeline in planetmysql.
Go ahead and make the changes.

Unknown said...

Hi Shlomi,

I've changed all my posts and now the date is right. I hope that planetmysql will move it to the bottom.

Thanks for the advice!

arjen said...

It should work regardless, not just within a few hrs. But for various reasons planet might not regard it as the same post. Do check your own rss/atom feed and see if the output date there is now correct (as in, in the past) and not from today. If that's ok, then planet will sort it out within an hr (its next scan cycle).

Unknown said...

Hi Arien,

yes, the date in the feed is right, but at the moment it seems that planetmysql is not changing the order. Maybe there is something strange with feedburner... I'm waiting to see if it works.