Apr 15, 2009

3rd Gestionale Open Developer Conference

On January the 9th, 2009 I've presented at the 3rd Annual Gestionale Open Developer Conference.

Gestionale Open is an open source ERP gathering interest in Italy, since it is compliant with local laws. This project has been started years ago by an entrepreneur with decades of experience in the field and now it's used by 100s of customers. They have concluded the porting to MySQL, which is now the default database for the product!

There were nearly 100 participants. Gestionale Open has catalyzed the interest of customers, distributors, software developers. It's nice to see complex business applications moving to open source.

The title of my presentation was: "Enterprise Innovation". I've chosen a banal title, but wishing to make an interesting dissertation on why MySQL is fuelling the innovation and who is using MySQL to seed projects and evolve from simple ideas to real business.

You can have a look at the presentation here:

If you need more informations on Gestionale Open feel free to look at: http://www.gestionaleopen.org

Informations on MySQL are available here: http://www.mysql.com

Thanks to all who attended.

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