Oct 12, 2009

Web Based Seminars (aka Webinars), why not?

On Thursday the 8th, we delivered the most successful italian MySQL webinar ever. We had about 350 registrations, thanks for your support and constant participation!
We also awarded a wonderful MySQL t-shirt to the one who first answered correctly to a trivia question, congratulations to the winner.

Looking into the story of italian webinars, here is the ranking in terms of registrations:
  1. Getting Started with MySQL on Windows
  2. Scalable MySQL High Availability Architectures
  3. A guide to Scaling MySQL
  4. MySQL Performance Tuning - Top 5 Tips
  5. Introducing MySQL 5.0
If you were unable to participate you can click here and listen to the on-demand versions. Others noteworthy webinars are the one that we delivered with our partners:

In conclusion, what I've learned from this fulfilling experience?
Delivering web based seminars (webinars for short) is a great way to stay in touch with customers and to address specific topics. This powerful tool can be used to update on product directions, sales offers, technical topics and present joint partner solutions. The audience can sit in the comfort of their home or office and receive a quick update without spending too much time or money.
If you are a Sales Engineer, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, Product Manager or if you simply want to stay virtually in touch with your users, this is a delivery method worth of consideration.

Do you have advices on a topic that you wish to hear in the upcoming italian MySQL webinars? Please comment this post and we'll examine your ideas.

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