Oct 24, 2009

Supporting Bioinformatics with Open Source

Yesterday we realeased the press release titled "Italy's CASPUR Relies on MySQL Enterprise to Support its Scientific Research" and I want to spend a few lines in commenting it.

First of all it was a pleasant surprise for me how extensively MySQL in particular and Open Source Software in general is pervasive into scientific research. I particularly appreciated a quote from Caspur:
CASPUR selected MySQL™ because it is a top database choice for the Bioinformatics industry, preferred by both application developers and the computational biology research community, thanks to its simplicity and high-performance.
One of the reasons why they have chosen MySQL answers a common question asked by our user base. The reason is high-performance, and the concern is about MySQL scalability.

We usually address these topics by talking about our huge customer base in the Web, citing Google, Facebook or Yahoo! is usually a good proof that MySQL can scale if the right architecture is chooses. We also highlight the fact that MySQL Cluster is powering the world most demanding telecommunication application and this is convincing as well.

CASPUR is using MySQL on a 2048 core cluster system for High Performance Computing (HPC) and it is a completely different story; it's all about science. It's all about analyzing huge amounts of data for the advantage of the human being. MySQL and Open Source Software are helping humanity; we are honored to have such customers.



arjen said...

I don't think you meant "shocking". perhaps look up what it means...

Unknown said...

Hi Arjen, in my english dictionary "shocking" means: "A sudden upsetting or surprising event or experience". Maybe it's better to use another term like "a pleasant surprise".
I realized that the meaning of "shocking" that I had in mind was positive, but in english it has a negative connotation... Thanks!