Jun 4, 2010

What's New in the MySQL Enterprise Spring 2010 Release

The MySQL Enterprise Spring 2010 Release includes key improvements designed to help you proactively optimize MySQL performance and identify potential issues before they can become costly outages or slowdowns. In this webinar we will explore the new features of the MySQL Enterprise Monitor 2.2 that are designed to save DBAs and Developers time and effort in keeping MySQL systems running at the highest levels of security, performance and availability. Join us and learn about:
  • How the MySQL Connectors can now be used to collect, aggregate and monitor MySQL query performance data
  • How to quickly identify which queries are performing full table scans
  • How to isolate your worst performing queries based on total execution counts, time, data returned, date/time, query content, query type, and more
  • How to identify and drill down into line-level source code for specific query executions
  • New LDAP authentication model
  • New Read Only User
  • New Auto-Closing Events
  • New MySQL Support Diagnostic Reports
  • New Custom Rule/Graph Import and Export options
  • New Faster Purging of Repository Data
  • New Installation Options
  • And more!
Here are the links for the various localized webinars:

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