Feb 12, 2010

MySQL and Java - The World's Most Popular Development Platforms

On Feb 10, 2010 we've held an event in Milan, explaining why MySQL and Java are the most popular development platforms.

Our annual MySQL User Survey conducted in early 2009 showed that 57%  of those surveyed use Java to develop their MySQL applications.

My speech was all about MySQL and its usage from Java applications with various connectors. I explained the capabilities of Connector/J and Connector/MXJ, you can see relevant on demand webinars here.

After that, I moved to the usage of MySQL Cluster from Java applications, elucidating the three types of connectivity available. If you want to see for yourself then take a look at the blog post by my colleague Bernhard or hurry up and register for the upcoming webinars.

If you are a Java developer, don't forget to look at the Java page on our website alongside the developer portal.

Thanks for your participation and see you soon,

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