Sep 7, 2008

New Italian Webinars coming...

Dear Italian MySQLlers,

join us for two new webinars on High Availability and Scalability and on the upcoming MySQL Enterprise Fall Release. All details here:

In the first one on November the 13th we will explore various MySQL high availability technologies and architectures. We will explore the uses cases for when to implement MySQL Replication, MySQL Cluster, Distributed Replicated Block Device (DRBD) and other high-availability technologies.

Join us on December the 9th to see how the MySQL Query Analyzer, a new feature to the MySQL Enterprise Monitor, helps keep your key MySQL systems up and running at the highest levels of scalability and performance by helping you analyze your most expensive application and user queries by total executions, total run time, total data size and drill down specifics across all of your MySQL servers.

See you soon!

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