Aug 27, 2009

MySQL Webinars in the upcoming weeks...

After the slow down due to vacation and warm weather we are ready for a series of educative Italian webinars on MySQL. Here is the list:

Semptember 10@10am CET - "Top 5 Tuning tips for MySQL"
Are your applications slow during peak times? Is the database running slowly? Do you find difficult to pinpoint performance problems? Then this webinar is for you!I will cover the top 5 tips to speed up your MySQL databases from a developer as well as DBA point of view.

October 8@10am CET - "Introduction to MySQL for Windows"
Do you know that MySQL is used extensively on Windows? Would you like to learn the tools that we provide?
Join this webinar! We will discuss the advantages of using MySQL on the Windows Platform.

There will be one more in September... but it will be revealed in the next days. Stay tuned!

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